Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Cyberglass Pink Indulgence Wand

I chose the Pink Indulgence Massage Wand from Topco pretty randomly, because I wanted to try a glass dildo, and the cyberglass was an inexpensive way to do that.

I've reviewed it here at edenfantasys.com, where you can take advantage of the view actual size feature, read other reviews, and also order it using the discount code DXN.

Pyrex glass may be allegedly "better" than cyberglass, but they can both deal with temperature play and the price difference is significant. It'll take some convincing for me to abandon this toy for something else, because I really like it.

Breakdown: Pink Indulgence Cyberglass Wand
Orgasmic: yes
Sound: none
Cover Story: um, yeah, it looks like a dildo, although it's not penis shaped at least
Best Feature: temperature play, hard material for firm pressure on the g-spot, textures for external play . . .
Worst Feature: if you drop it on concrete it will break
Recommended: yes, definitely, it's awesome and a relatively affordable choice if you want to try glass

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