Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Lelo Ella

The Lelo Ella is a silicone dildo with one end for g-spotting, and one end for traditional thrusting. It does not vibrate, so don't get it confused with anything else in the Lelo collection.

It's a really great tool for finding your own g-spot, and the silicone is firm enough to provide a fair amount of pressure. If you can't afford the Gigi, it's not a bad option. I found that it transmitted vibrations from other toys pretty well, but I liked it best just for pressure and rubbing.

Not everything needs to vibrate, and too much dependence on vibration can't be good. Who knows, maybe someday you'll lose a few pounds, slink out of your parents' basement, and go make friends. These friends, should one of them prove attractive and trustworthy enough to share naked fun, are unlikely to vibrate.

Anyway, back to the the Ella. It comes in black or white, with a satin separator bag, and it's got an understated class to it. Since it doesn't resemble disembodied genitalia, it would not be immediately recognized as a sex toy if found. You'd still die of embarrassment, of course, but a quick lie about darning socks or something would enable your retreat.

It's quite impressive how this deceptively simple toy can bring so much pleasure. It's perfectly designed for its job, and since it doesn't vibrate, it encourages the user to explore in less of a high tech way. To use a vaguely creepy analogy, it's like putting down the video games for a while to play with something old-fashioned like Legos. Suddenly the creative portions of your brain are back in the game.

Obviously it passes any noise tests one could imagine. It can be boiled for sterilization purposes, or just cleaned with toy cleaner, and it's of course waterproof since it doesn't have any electrical parts.

If you already own both the Gigi and a good dildo that you like, you might find this toy redundant, but personally I think it's well worth having.

For a more detailed review of the Ella, and also to take advantage of the view actual size feature on the site, head over to edenfantasys.com. If you make a purchase, be sure to enter coupon code DXN for a nice discount.

Breakdown:Lelo Ella
Orgasmic: yes
Sound: none
Cover Story: it's for . . . darning socks, yeah
Best Feature: perfect shape for self-exploration and g-spot stimulation
Worst Feature: well, it doesn't vibrate
Recommended: yes

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