Monday, August 17, 2009

The Lelo Gigi

The Lelo Gigi is a true luxury pleasure object, and a little googling will produce all sorts of positive reviews, many of them calling it the best sex toy on the market. This is another positive review, because those praises are well deserved.

It arrives in a gift box worthy of really nice jewelry, which makes it really hard to throw away (I haven't yet, but I will at some point) and it comes with a little satin separator bag and its recharger.

Yes, it recharges. No batteries for this toy.

The controls aren't all that hard to figure out if you just fiddle with it, but reading the directions might be a nice way to fill the time while the toy charges up. Or you could attempt to ignore the slowly charging object across the room. The one problem I have with rechargeables is that I'm afraid to leave the room while they're charging, and they take hours. I finally solved this problem by drilling a hole in my nightstand, and passing the cords through it when necessary. I'm still not happy that the toys aren't in their securely hidden box while this charging is happening, but at least they aren't out in plain sight, blinking.

That's the Gigi's big flaw to an uptight geek girl. It blinks. Really really brightly. You have no idea. However, once it's all charged up and doing its job, you'll forgive it anything, because it is an amazing sensation. Or, more specifically, five amazing sensations.

It's pretty small, so it inserts easily enough. The shape practically leads you straight to the g-spot, and the things it can do once it's there . . . wow. I liked the thumping. Or that thrumming thing it does, which feels heavenly. It was the thumping that got me, though, and I had my very first orgasm that didn't involve any clitoral stimulation, at least in the few minutes leading up to it. It's not a myth, girls! The sexperts know their stuff.

I should point out that it was the third use that inspired that response, the first two felt amazing but didn't quite get me there, or I lost patience and was just too turned on to resist trying the toy on my clit. Either way, it's a fine clit vibrator (not great, but quite serviceable in that way) but it's amazing when used as it is intended.

As for the sound test -- it absolutely passed. It's extremely quiet even at arm's length. Nobody will hear this through a door, even without the stereo playing.

Since this toy is made of silicone, it should not under any circumstances be used with silicone based lube. The chemicals in the silicone lube that keep the lube in a liquid state could turn the toy to a liquid state as well. Clearly that is bad.

Clean it with toy cleaner, and store it in its satin bag to keep it from meeting other silicone toys. It can be sterilized with a ten percent bleach solution if you're eager to share it with someone, but I for one am too uptight to have a friendship quite that close.

As for recommending this toy, I absolutely do, even with the hefty price tag. It's incredible, and it makes me want to find out if the other toys from Lelo are anywhere near as good. They must be, if they do that thrumming thing. Wow.

Breakdown:Lelo Gigi
Orgasmic: yes yes yes
Sound: passes with flying colors
Cover Story: it's not tacky looking, but if someone gets a good look they're going to guess it's a vibrator
Best Feature: g-spot action
Worst Feature: it flashes while charging
Recommended: absolutely -- it's a must-have

Purchasing options include:

direct from lelo, where coupon code DXN will score you a discount.
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