Monday, August 17, 2009

The Sasi

The Sasi. Here's a toy with a great concept, a flawed design, a dozen frustrating and downright infuriating aspects to it, and a steep price tag. I could say twenty negative things about the Sasi, and they'd all be true, but I'll still plunk down almost two hundred dollars to replace mine when it inevitably breaks.

It's mindblowingly good, and even the most obnoxious flaws have a sort of endearing quality. I've had friends say that about boyfriends I thought they should dump, but maybe I understand now.

Some of the sexperts aren't impressed with this toy. They dwell on the flaws. Don't let that discourage you, because sexperts aren't friendless virgins and therefore have other options. They don't get quite how cool this toy is for the rest of us.

I've written a more thorough review at, where you can also read other reviews and take advantage of the view actual size function.

The Sasi is available from its manufacturer, from Babeland, or from, where coupon code DXN will score you a discount.

Orgasmic: with patience
Sound: problematic but not a dealbreaker
Cover Story: looks like a computer mouse if just glanced,
could be explained as a shoulder massager
Best Feature: oral sex from a robot!
Worst Feature: steep learning curve
Recommended: absolutely -- it's a must-have

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