Tuesday, August 18, 2009

California Exotics Triple Luxe

The California Exotics Triple Luxe is going to be hit or miss with most users. I've read that it's not quite long enough to hit the g-spot for some reviewers, but it hit mine, which I did not expect. A surprise g-spot orgasm is a very very nice surprise. Also, it tickles the clit and the butt as one rocks it back and forth. I'm leery of the butt as an erogenous zone, but this toy is very non-threatening in that way and it felt nice. The clit part felt quite good too, although more from moving the toy around than from the moderate vibrations.

Speaking of the moderate vibrations, it's stronger than I expected, since it uses AAA batteries, but not as strong as many other things, and it's louder than you'd expect from the level of vibration. It passed the closed door test, but it was still a little loud for my comfort while using it, possibly moreso due to the pitch of the vibrations than the actual volume, so I turned up the stereo.

Of all of the toys I have, this one makes me the wettest the fastest. (Typing that made me blush, guess I'm still uptight.)

It's made out of TPR and hard plastic, so it can be sterilized with a bleach solution, or cleaned with toy cleaner if you're not into sharing, it is free of phthalates, requires water based lube, and is not waterproof.

I'm leaning toward recommending this toy, but it really depends on individual anatomy, so you're taking a risk if you buy it sight unseen, or even if it's right there in front of you, if you haven't memorized your own internal measurements. And some people may have done that, but I know I sure haven't.

Breakdown: California Exotics Triple Luxe
Orgasmic: yes
Sound: passes, but barely
Cover Story: it looks like a sex toy
Best Feature: rocking it around feels divine
Worst Feature: high pitch to the vibration
Recommended: undecided -- it's a love it or hate it

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