Monday, August 17, 2009

Lucid Dream #14 from Doc Johnson

I have another toy to review from Doc Johnson. This time it's the Lucid Dream #14, available from amazon, which is a g-spot toy. First, the negatives. It may or may not have phthalates in it, being a flexible PVC that smells moderately awful upon first opening the package.

According to the sexperts, the really bad ones stink up whole rooms for weeks at a time, no matter how much you wash them. That's probably true, because I've owned plastic products of other kinds that stank that badly for that long, but this toy stopped stinking after a couple of baths with hand soap. Of course you're not supposed to get antibacterial hand soap anywhere near your girlie bits, because that kills the bacteria that belong there, making way for yeast which most decidedly is not welcome. This toy didn't get used until it had been rinsed, and rinsed, and rinsed some more.

I should have used a condom, due to possible phthalates, but I took my life in my hands and proceeded, because I didn't have a condom. Friendless virgin here, remember.

It passed the sound test with flying colors. I could barely hear it when it was next to my ear in a silent room.

The head of this toy was a little larger than the first thing I'd inserted, so I was a little nervous, but a single drop of water based lube (well, probably more, but I've since learned that one drop goes a long way) and it slid in much more easily than I would have guessed.

The neck is flexible, but not too flexible, so I could try different angles as I hunted for the elusive g-spot, but still manage appropriate pressure when I found a good spot. Prior to using this toy, I had absolutely no idea that inserting something could feel like that. Wow.

The vibrations went from whisper soft to really quite intense, and all completely silently. It felt great inside, although I needed a little clit stimulation to get over the edge. As a clit vibrator, it was mindblowing. I can't imagine I could enjoy the more intense plug-in vibes that I've seen online, because this felt too strong on the higher settings and the sexperts give the impression that things like the Hitachi are much more powerful.

Another plus when inserted -- with the big curved head and the slimmer neck of the vibe, it stayed in place when I let go of the handle to manually stimulate my clit. The slimline vibe failed in that respect, although admittedly I haven't exactly been rocking the kegels. (Apparently you're supposed to exercise the muscles in the region. Apparently you're supposed to exercise. Yeah.)

This toy is waterproof, too, not that I have the slightest intention of trying that feature. I also have no interest in shoving it up my butt. It's big, and I'm not keen on that kind of play, even if it does appear possible with this toy, because the neck part is narrower than the head or the handle.

Did I mention the price? This toy is in the twenty dollar range, and it's bordering on must-have status even with the inconvenience of requiring condoms or toy covers to use it regularly. Bonus fact: it's available on

If you're comparing it to the Lelo Gigi, they're not nearly as similar as they look on the computer screen. The Lucid Dream #14 is much bigger, has a flexible neck, and is made of squishy PVC. The Gigi is smaller, firmer, and made of silicone. The Lucid Dream #14 has only one type of vibration, although it has a great range of intensities. The Gigi has five types of vibration, and a smaller range of intensities.

Apples to Oranges, really, especially since the Lucid Dream #14 is around twenty bucks and the Gigi is $109. I like the Gigi better, but the Lucid Dream #14 can hardly be faulted for that fact.

Buy it at and you can score a discount with coupon code DXN.

Breakdown: Doc Johnson Lucid Dream #14
Orgasmic: yes
Sound: passes with flying colors
Cover Story: you could try neck massager, I suppose, but your credibility would be pretty stretched
Best Feature: strong silent vibrations
Worst Feature: PVC material
Recommended: yes, but use a toy cover

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