Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hunting Rabbits

I'm setting out on a quest -- a quest to purchase the perfect rabbit style vibrator. Yes, it's quite a nobel quest, and will require much bravery, skill, and hardship. Okay, so maybe not so much hardship. But it will test my google-fu.

I have reviewed two members of the species already:

the Nasstoys Pretty Pleaser

the California Exotics Passion Wave Butterfly

The former is too small, and the latter is too big. As we learned from Goldilocks, the third one should be just right. Actually, the Passion Wave is quite nice with lots of warmup, but sometimes there's not time for that kind of warmup, and one of the appeals of this particular variety is the quickie aspect.

The perfect dual action pleasure object has to meet a few requirements:

  • it must be made of phthalate-free material, like silicone or TPR
  • it must have a rotating shaft of reasonable strength
  • the vibrating portion needs a setting low enough not to be painful
  • the vibrating portion needs a setting high enough to get the job done
  • the vibrating portion needs to reach the right places
  • rotating beads are a plus, not a requirement, but no loose beads that will jam

    Several candidates have entered the race so far.

    Rosebud -- it's silicone, and promises strength in rotation; it doesn't have rotating beads, jamming or otherwise; I have doubts about the shape of the vibrating portion.

    California Exotics Mr. Snuggly -- soft TPR intrigues, and the rotation looks good; no rotating beads, jamming or otherwise; the vibrating portion has the same shape as another toy I like. Another plus, it's available on amazon. A slight minus, though -- it leans toward realistic, only navy blue. A small quibble, but I don't want to be picturing Tobias Funke during playtime.

    California Exotics Purring Thrusting Stimulator -- this one looks too complicated to actually work, with more functions than the latest iPhone and enough moving parts that only a small miracle of engineering could manage any durability. Part of it is see-through, which is a plus, because it'll keep me from taking it apart. Probably.

    Bendi Clitifier from California Exotics -- the vibration portion is adjustable, which sounds like a wonderful feature, if one can get past the name. Seriously, what were they thinking? My other concern with the design is the placement of the non-jamming beads -- they look way too high on the shaft to do their job.

    Anyway, I have a long way to go before this quest is complete. Surely the object of my desire is out there.

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