Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Pretty Pleaser Mini Rabbit

Pretty Pleaser Mini Rabbit
by Nass Walk

This loses points up front for having a naked porn star on the box. I'm not one to judge a toy by the package, but this could not be tackier if they tried. I also don't get the name. What's "pretty" about a purple rubber penis with a smilie face on the head?

As for the toy itself -- it's a small rabbit style vibrator, with a rotating shaft, rows of spinning metal beads, and a clit stimulator that I believe is supposed to look like a bug of some kind. And it's jelly rubber, so it's probably planning to give me cancer, very very slowly. Dang phthalates.

As for noise, the vibrator portion can't be heard but the rotating motor is a little loud when turned all the way up. I wouldn't use it without the stereo.

It feels good enough in use that I know I want to buy a better quality -- and larger -- rabbit that includes the rotating shaft feature. The beads feel surprisingly nice, too, but probably aren't a dealbreaker. I'll let you know.

From reading a number of reviews, I've learned that attached metal beads make for a more durable toy than loose plastic beads. The plastic ones jam up eventually, and this is not a concern with this toy, which makes it a bit of a bargain, even if it does require toy covers due to potential toxins.

One thing I like about this one is that the controls aren't located on the base of the vibe, but on a cord. Yes, the cord can be a nuisance, but it does allow the user to lie back and fiddle with the controls. Creative use of a pillow will keep the thing from escaping at the wrong moment.

If you want to experience a rabbit, but are intimidated by size, this is an option, but be sure to buy it during cold weather so you can toss the packaging into the fireplace, and use a condom or toy cover with it.

Breakdown: Nasstoys Pretty Pleaser
Orgasmic: yes
Sound: borderline, so turn on the tv
Cover Story: none possible, it's a jelly rubber penis with a cord coming out of it
Best Feature: the metal rotating beads feel very nice
Worst Feature: jelly rubber, small
Recommended: not really

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